May 23, 2019 _ 6.00 pm to late

6.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Backend for cross-check on ongoing and planned activities
Planned site: LiTG Geschäftsstelle _ Danneckerstr. 16 _ 10245 Berlin
_ cross-check website
_ cross-check social media
_ cross-check possible events
_ ideas for publications

8.30 pm to late
Meet-Up with some good food and wine open to all women working with light

Hosted by Britta Hölzemann, Carolin Liedtke und Bettina Pelz

What happened and what are the next steps?

We had a great time and decided to continue …

_ to collect events and analyze their female-male-collective-proportions
>> please send numbers you can generate to Bettina Pelz with the following info: Date, City, Country, Title, female-male-collective proportions, source of info / documentation. We will publish them here >>
_ to complete the email list and the social media groups
_ to complete the profiles on the website
_ to continue to host meet-ups
_ to find text and lecture opportunities
>> preparing lectures and texts: co-organized with the meet-up in Berlin in November 2019, we will prepare for a lab to present texts and lectures on women working with light for peer-review

Next meet-ups
_, August 30, 2019
_, November 2019
_, November 2019

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