Wera Morawiec works as a young curator, coordinator and a mother.

Currently, she is participating in the CANDELA MEDIA ART LAB in Tunis.tn as a young curator. With a professional education of a psychologist and addiction therapy specialist, she is broadening her practice and appling her skills and knowledge to the art curator’s world.

Since 2018, she was involved in the core team of LIGHT AS A CREATIVE TOOL Conference and Workshop in Gdansk.pl and supported the team of INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project Tunis.tn. In 2019, together with NOKS Collective, she started an ephemeral ONE NIGHT PUBLIC ART GALLERY project that aims to show quality visual artworks in mundane public spaces.


Usually, she lives in Gdansk.pl with her family, but for a vast part of 2019 they are all „on the road” with nomadic art gallery project in Europe and some projects based in Tunisia.




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